Cyber Risk Management

Premier Cyber Risk Management Platform, an NIST Approved solution originating from DoD and featuring patented technology—brought to you by our esteemed partner, ARX Nimbus L.L.C.

Industry Standards


Experience certainty instead of guesswork with THRIVACA. Gain comprehensive insight into the economic implications of Risks, Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Capabilities. THRIVACA ensures compliance with NIST CSF, NIST 800-171, 800-53, and ISO 27001 standards."


Gain Compliance

Show regulators the current efforts and results. Traceable to NIST 800-53; ISO 27001; etc.


Recover Costs

Expand risk mitigation in financially measurable directions, with measurable hard-collar costs tracked and transparent.


Reduce Risks

Attain measurable, actuarial-grade reductions in risk. Track over time; tied to actual threats & vulnerabilities at a detailed level.


Optimize Security

Identify top targets for remediation, tie spending to cost of risks, and monitor results as efforts progress


Every cloud migration and cloud strategy faces the same key issue: How to manage cyber risk before, during and after – and how to drive digital risk efforts and priorities accordingly. Now, the dynamic nature of risks in every cloud arrangement – hybrid, public, etc. – can be profiled throughout the process of implementing a complete cloud strategy.

Based on a patented data analytics platform developed in collaboration with the US Air Force, Arx Nimbus’ Thrivaca platform brings a comprehensive, quantitative and data-driven risk profile across all known risk types. Using regulator-mandated frameworks, your Thrivaca Risk Profile consolidates the most comprehensive set of advanced data sources and a patented algorithm to provide the most insightful, data-driven results available today.

Using proven actuarial methods applied traditionally in P&C, Auto, Life and other products, driven over a 360-degree set of data sources and applied via a patented algorithm architected with actuaries and economists, Thrivaca brings the industry the first data-driven monetary valuation of digital risk.

With thousands of private and public companies in a refreshed library of risk profiles, scoring results are reported against industry trends and normalized using actual historical losses, all against actual company controls status in terms of NIST cyber frameworks and the MITRE ATT&CK threat taxonomy. The platform supports underwriter automation and integration with top workflow solutions and third parties.

Get the next-gen solution for cyber risk rating now. Identify adverse risk and quote accordingly to reduce loss exposure. See submissions associated with reduced risk and quote for premium advantage. Automate key underwriting functions and gain efficiency and capacity in this high-growth market.

Many of today’s M&A transactions find themselves unaware of the key financial risk effects of the massive shifts in cybersecurity and information security risks that most mergers encounter in the real world. Getting results consistent with shareholder expectations means understanding and managing these many complexities.

Thrivaca captures the relevant data using a multi-source automated process that assembles a regulator-approved and audit-friendly composite financial analysis in rapid order.

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