DefendX23 Cybersecurity Conference: Navigating Risks and Building Business Resilience


The inaugural edition of DefendX – Cybersecurity Conference, organized in collaboration with Innovation Centre Kosovo, marked a significant milestone in addressing the evolving landscape of cyber threats. Themed “Navigating Cyber Risks and Empowering Business Resilience,” the event featured distinguished speakers who shared insights and expertise on crucial aspects of cybersecurity.

A Recap of Talks

Drilon Balaj, the founder of DefendX23Conference, underscored the conference’s mission to enhance cyber resilience through a hands-on approach. Balaj expressed the readiness for collaboration with defense institutions to bolster cyber capabilities. He emphasized the need for alignment between the public and private sectors to leverage the latest technological updates seamlessly.

Hafize Bajrami, Head of the Cyber Defense Unit at the Ministry of Defense, provided updates on the establishment of the State Training Center for Cyber Security in 2023. Bajrami highlighted the forthcoming cybersecurity law in 2024 and the collaboration with the State of Iowa (USA) to strengthen cyber capacities and the Cyber Unit in the Kosovo Security Force.

Shpend Lila from Innovation Centre Kosovo emphasized the organization’s pivotal role in supporting initiatives over the past decade. He showcased ICK’s commitment and contribution to various projects, including providing scholarships to Ministry of Defense staff for ICK training programs.

Krenare Sogojeva-Dërmaku, Commissioner of the Agency for Information and Privacy, urged the protection of personal data. She highlighted the AIP’s efforts to establish standards aligned with European countries.

Albion Bikliqi, a cybersecurity expert, drew attention to the increasing number of cyberattacks facing the country. He emphasized the impact of propaganda on social media and the need for heightened vigilance. Bikliqi expressed concern that many individuals prioritize paying damages over safeguarding their data.

Rounding off the discussions, R. David Moon, CISSP and CEO of ARX Nimbus, shared insights on Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security. Drawing from his experience as a cybersecurity risk specialist and roles in Fortune 500 companies, Moon provided valuable advice on preventing data breaches and ransomware attacks.

Looking Ahead

The conference concluded with the announcement of the next edition of DefendX scheduled for October 2024. Drilon Balaj encouraged participants to stay tuned for updates on this crucial initiative aimed at fortifying cybersecurity defenses.

Conclusion and Diplomatic Participation

In the closing remarks, the organizers expressed gratitude for the active participation of representatives from the Sweden and Finland embassies in Prishtina, and Nordic Chamber of Commerce highlighting the international significance of DefendX23. The involvement of diplomatic missions underscored the global recognition of the importance of cybersecurity collaboration.

Acknowledgments and Appreciation

The success of DefendX23 would not have been possible without the invaluable contributions of our esteemed moderator, Ereza Sylaj. Sylaj’s skillful guidance and insightful facilitation played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth flow of discussions and maximizing the engagement of the audience.

DefendX23 was made possible through the collaboration between XY CYBER and Innovation Centre Kosovo. The event received support from globally renowned companies such as With Secure | Keharing and ARX Nimbus, which offered their services to participants free of charge, contributing to the overarching goal of raising awareness. The organizers expressed their gratitude to media partners & Filter Media for their support in disseminating information about the conference.

To add a delightful touch to the event’s conclusion, participants were treated to delicious finger food courtesy of “Qerimi 1.” The culinary experience provided a casual yet engaging setting for networking and informal discussions, fostering a sense of camaraderie among attendees.

DefendX23 not only served as a platform for knowledge exchange but also showcased the cultural and culinary richness of Kosovo, making it a well-rounded experience for all participants. The conference’s success and the anticipation for the next edition further solidify its place as a pivotal event in the realm of cybersecurity.

We successfully brought together key stakeholders, experts, and enthusiasts in the field of cybersecurity. The event not only shed light on the current challenges but also laid the foundation for future collaborations and initiatives to strengthen the nation’s cybersecurity posture.

See you in our next Edition on October 2024.